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Obedience School in Battle Creek

Paws & Claws All Breed Cat & Dog Grooming is expanding thank to you, our customers! We will be moving into a new building across the street and offering top of the line doggie daycare and obedience school in Battle Creek. Our new building boasts 2400 square feet of indoor doggie daycare wuth 3000 square feet being added outside, as well. 

Battle Creek Pet Grooming

Although one of the main reasons people take their dog to be groomed is to keep them looking good, there are plenty of other reasons to get your dog or cat groomed, as well. Dog grooming is not strictly cosmetic, it can be good for their health and happiness as well as even helping to detect abnormalities of the skin or coat before they become a problem. In this post, we will look at a few of the benefits of professional pet grooming services. 

Battle Creek Pet Grooming

It’s not surprising that dog grooming is seen as more necessary and is much more common than cat grooming. For one, there aren’t really any “inside only” dogs, and cats actually spend much of their time grooming themselves. When a cat has physical or emotional issues, though, they may cut back or stop grooming themselves altogether. Some cats also have very thick coats so their owners elect to shave them in the hot summer months. Even if the cat is grooming itself properly, they may need a little help especially when they’re shedding. 

Battle Creek Pet Grooming Salon

As many of our Paws & Claws pet salon clients have probably noticed, our website has been completely redone! It was our goal to have a website where clients and potential clients could find useful, easy to access information about our pet grooming salon in Battle Creek and Portage. We have also updated our logo, colors, and branding into something we feel better represents us as a pet salon.