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Read What Paws & Claws Doggy Daycare and Dog Grooming Clients Have Been Saying

Doggy Daycare in Battle Creek

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The completely unexpected shutdown because of COVID-19 has made us more appreciative than ever for our amazing clients. And, in this post, we are excited to share some of our most recent reviews and testimonials!

“I used a few different groomers for my show dog (Briard). By far, the best cuts came from Julia at Paws & Claws. More importantly, my dog enjoyed going in for a bath and cut, unlike other places in the area.” – Kimberly S.

“They are the best. They get it and understand that our animal are not our animals but our children too. My babies were so bad their nails were sticking to the carpet and they were not walking because their nails were so long and they got them all 4 of them in today and they rock. Thank you so much. My pugs and us thank you so much. We will only bring them to you from now on. You rock!!!!” – Keith M.

“My dog has high levels of anxiety and can be very difficult to handle, especially at a groomer. The staff here has always been willing to take on my dog and give her a groom and bath despite the difficulties she may present. I wouldn't take her anywhere else.” – Jake A.

“Great groomers who know what they're doing :).” – Nikki V.

“Fast and very nice with my Rottweiler and Great Dane.” – Wild West Family Farms

“Paws and Claws are incredible. My goldendoodle Charlie is sensitive and scared of grooming but after 3 months he looked like a shag carpet! They groomed him today and he was happy, smelled amazing and his groomer was the best! 10 out of 10!” – Cricket A.

“They did a wonderful job with my Mae. She got her teeth brushed, a bath, her nails clipped and dremeled and a pretty bowtie. The cost is not bad at all either. My Mae loves her Spa Day.” – Brandy M.

“Beyond thrilled with my husky’s makeover. He’s no longer shedding gobs of hair and I can pet him without getting hair all over me! Great staff!!! was able to get him the day of for an appointment! Super convenient! Thank you again!” – Lexie R.

If you have had a great experience with dog grooming or doggy daycare in Battle Creek, and would like to leave a review, you can do so on our Facebook pages and through our business listing on Google! We look forward to hearing what you have to say.