Most Pet Grooming Should be Left to Professionals

Dog Grooming in Battle Creek

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While you may feel comfortable trimming parts of your pet’s coat in between professional haircuts, there is more to it than meets the eye. Professional groomers have proper equipment and a lot of training that ensures your cat or dog will look and feel great after a haircut.


Many pet owners who try to remove mats from their pets with scissors end up cutting and injuring them. Part of the issue is that mats generally develop in areas where skin folds are not apparent and a sudden movement from the pet can cause injury, even if you’re being as careful as possible. You can, however, brush your pet often to help avoid mats developing in the first place. Or if you notice a mat early on, you can brush them out. Once the matting is tight to the skin, you should take them to a professional groomer right away to avoid further discomfort or injury.

Anal glands

Expressing anal glands is not something a lot of pet owners are willing to do (for obvious reasons). In many cases a professional groomer can identify whether there is a problem and let you know if it’s something that they can take care of or let you know that you should see a veterinarian.

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